Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Season of Colds and Bad Attitudes

When the fall season appears on the scene, we start planning for the Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We write really, really tiny on our calendar spaces because we have so much on that day to do and more could present its self.  Exciting as it all is to visit friends, plan for family and decorate for the big day, we must keep our goals in check.

There are the "do it all" type person.  Others are a "if asked" or "if  needed".  I am all these.  To my detriment!

Please do not think it is not a wonderful journey of service and love  pored out to those along the way.  Can you just hear a BUT coming?

BUT, this is also flu and cold season. January 1st and one child is sick, then three days later another...Being stopped in my tracks due to a sickness can change my attitude. I admit it.  IT was not what I had planned.  My child is sick and grumpy and I need to be the mommy to the one in need. When I am sick, I  become tired and that leads to being grumpy.  Sin with an excuse!  That is what that is!

I know the all night, no sleep, feeling a little of the sickness yourself, cleaning up the throw up, changing the sheets, laundry, laundry, and more laundry are not the glamorous moments.  I know during those moments I have just prayed to get through them.  With my attitude in check and my 'will' lined up with the Lord, I can weather these moments without regret.  But what if I can even make more out of these moments.

The results of our fallen world includes sickness.  Do you think my child would feel and understand that just a bit more at this time.  How we need Jesus to help us through the trials in life that are a product of a fallen world.  Praying together, reading  (a good christian book!! maybe with a character that has more trouble then they do).

If I can see that God has given this to me, I might actually use it to grow and be blessed in the Lord.  How many times could I talk about the Lord with this little one while coloring a beautiful picture with them (distracting them from actually feeling "sick - technique").  Serving up home made soup (previously frozen for such a time as this).   Who knows, we might have to frame the art to remind us of the memories of such talks.

Let us find ways to nurture our families. Share with each other the productive time when we have been sick. Don't let the schedule run us into the ground, but look to the reason for the season we just enjoyed.  Be inspired to be like the One who loves us and sacrificed for us because of His deep love for us.

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