Monday, January 10, 2011

Will I Live This Life For Him?

Today is another day full of God's mercy and grace towards me!!!   When days where Christ is my focus and my dearest thought,  I have had the most wonderful experiences.  May my mouth love the Lord and do very little to care about my circumstances, interruptions to my day and the deeds the flesh so desires to do on it's own behalf.

You know how it get on the phone or your start cooking a meal and then you hear it...the unsettled issue in the next room.  The slow burn of whispers that turn into the full words of anger. Your children are at it again.  

You don't have to be yelling to achieve the goals of anger.  You just have to let those fleshly words pour out and annihilate the ones you have sovereignly been placed with by God.  If that relationship is a husband and wife, parent to child or siblings, we have the ever present chance to place our fist up to God and say this is not good enough!!  I want...

You can all fill in the blank. We all can.  I know I can!!  Every time my girls have a disagreement, I sit with them and hear all they have to say about the matter.  Truthfully, I am annoyed sometimes at what I hear.  I realize that all their excuses and reasoning are folly before the Lord.  At the same time, the faithfulness of the  Holy Spirit is convicting me of my own folly in my marriage and relationship with my own child.  Excuses and reasoning I tend to lean on like a life saver instead of the lead weighted anchor that it really is.

I can look at this in one of two ways. 

My flesh can tell me that I need to have what I want just like my girls in their disagreement.  We argue for and about things, that I can not for the life of me tell you what I fought over six months ago.  What seems so important at the moment is really a false sense of meaningfulness. 


If  I really sought the real meaning of such trials and inconveniences it would be for me to fall on my face and worship God.  To seek His face and ask Him to mold my heart to conform to the peace and promises within His word and  to be about the business of glorifying His name. How I focus on the comforts of life and the ease I believe it will afford me, instead of how wonderful it is to bless my Savior.  To live in a pleasing way for Him.  To show Him my love in the light of the love He showed me on the cross. 

When I think of the power of the gospel and the love of God, I can't help but think He has made me for Himself. I have one life to live. Will I live it for Him?     

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