Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Mission is to Show Them God!!

All of us have conversations with people.  Confess...for the believer those conversations that rock our world are always when God's word is in the middle of it.   The word can be expressed in so many ways.  By peoples actions, the imagery in a story they are retelling or the very scripture itself!

There are people in our lives that give us the big picture and some that show us the corners of our lives.

You know the corners are the places where dust collects and needs straightening up due to neglect or ignorance or sin.  Some times the things in the corner just need to be throw out.  These are the things that are hidden to the general visitors of my home because corners are out of the way places.  Then some one who loves me, says something about the pile I in the corner.  I love these people.  Really.  They desire my good.  They are looking at my testimony for Christ and do not wish the word of God to be maligned.  The Titus 2 woman is very much like this.  She desires to see your life give glory.  Not in petty things, but in the care and love of family.  Is my corner filled with wasted time, lack of diligence, managing my god given role or the all too famous need for more sleep.  I am afraid I could sleep my way to the gates of heaven only to look back and see what a waste of my God given time. 

The big picture people say something that gives me a broad stroke of myself here on earth.  I love when I am talking to someone and they don't even know they are speaking to my heart.  They are just sharing what God showed them or what someone shared with them.  Recently, I was so touched to hear a momma talk so fondly about her four boys.  The oldest was 7 and the youngest almost 2.  Someone had told her that God had entrusted her to have all boys.  That she was raising the next generation of leaders for the church.  Wow!  Now that just gave her such a blessed responsibility.  That how she saw it and she loved the thought that God would use her in such a way.  Her awe and joy was infectious! 

I don't have four boys but that message still rings in my ears.  I am raising girls and boys for the future church body of Christ.  Lord willing, He will touch each one of them for His use and glory. 

I love hearing things like this because I have all the tool I need in scripture.  I am just reminded how sweet and wonderful the mission is.  The mission is to show them God!

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