Monday, November 15, 2010

OH! The Hypocrite within.

 I don't know about you but I am wrestling with Hypocrisy. The Bible is clear about loving your neighbor. Do I FORGET my neighbors are also my children?? Do I offer more grace and mercy over sin to a stranger than I do my own children??

I realize God has given me authority over my children. So please do not throw out the bath water on the issues of discipline. I believe also what God say...If I love them, I will correct them.

I have noticed my gentle correction and outright cheer leading of a believer in the church in dealing with their sin, but my own children are going to see a different attitude towards them???? I am finally ready to repent of that and teach them we are all sinners and it is level ground at the cross. May my mercy and grace out weight my judgment. Slow to speak, quick to listen to the hearts of my own children. How else can I reach their hearts...Certainly not by finger pointing or accusing. By His Wisdom and guidance, may I ask the questions that will unlock a flood gate or even a small gate for conversations that leads upward to the Throne of God.

Can my arms be stretched out wide like my Savior's arms and full of vulnerability to put around a sinning child? I say Yes!!

May my Lord be the most beautiful thing they see in me.

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