Sunday, March 28, 2010

Teddy's Button-A Wonderful Example To Me

I am amazed at the wonderful weaving of words that express the beautiful salvation offered by God to young Teddy. Sometimes in life, we have books that can offer us the reminder of our own salvation in Jesus. When Teddy was saved, he wanted to share Jesus, his Captain, to all those who would come across his path. Even his enemies! Funny how those events can be a reminder to us as we walk through our lives. I hope everyone who has had a chance to read the book or read the Q & A on the forum would be encouraged in the same way.

I found myself in a similar situation after completing the chapter where Teddy shares the gospel with a man and the man decides to reject Teddy and decline his invitation to tea. Some of you know, I have returned to the work force for a season to help my family financially. One Friday, not long ago, I gave a new friend at work some very strong views about the roles of a wife and mother. They were not mine views, but Gods. I was sure that these views would need to be discussed when this worker would return to work on Monday. I asked him and his wife to read the article I had written regarding this precious area of life and I prayed for them throughout the weekend.

I was initially meet with silence when I arrived at work Monday morning. That was not the norm. I went to my office and sat at my desk in prayer. I asked God to use me, even if that would be to add some persecution to my morning coffee. I figured I was among unbelievers and would expect nothing less from any further attempt at a discussion.

After a half an hour, this gentlemen walked into my office and unloaded the most wonderful string of events between him and his wife. The great talks, the friendship and the commitment to be more regular church goers. I could not believe this was the discussion I was having. God was at work that weekend in their lives. I am grateful to the encouragement I was receiving from a simple book about a boy who Jesus enlisted into His precious army. Now Teddy and I were hanging our banner of Love over all those that cross our path!

Join me!

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