Saturday, March 6, 2010

I was Wrong!

Sometimes I don't want to read something to find out if it is worth my time. I trust certain sources and that's it. I drove across the country this last week with my children and a young lady who will be assisting me for the next three months. She brought along the unabridged version of Elsie Girlhood. I had years ago asked folks about these books. I went on line and read some reviews. Some were very negative. I just thought...I don't want to waste my time if it wasn't going to be a great example for me and my children.

Well, the young lady, Claudia, slipped in the live audio reading of the book. For the next eight hours and two states later, I learned so much from this little girl's life. How she kept entrusting herself to the Lord under hard circumstances. She over looked a transgression against her with out a hint of ranker. She wasn't perfect, but when she failed she wept at her sinful heart's desire. She plead with her Savior to remove the thoughts that would creep into her thinking. Bible verses would flood her mind which she would readily embrace their wisdom.

I want to share this series with everyone. It was great to listen to it as a family. Some of the children Elsie was surrounded by gave us memorable examples of what not to be like. We bad behavior or wrong thinking entered in, we would gentle mention the motives of someone in the story. Finding ourselves to be more like an Enna then an Elsie! They understood immediately what we were talking about. Characters shape our imagination and bring images that have a long lasting lesson embedded in them.

You can listen to a couple of chapters a night. Turn off some lights, grab tea or hot chocolate and listen to the tender words of Elsie's life.

Great for a road trip. When I would take out a disc that was done, the backseat clamored "Elsie, Elsie, Elsie!" Knowing we were learning Godly living and could apply it to our hearts, I was thrilled to put another one in immediately.

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