Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Preparing for Teddy's Button

Emma and I started to make the questionnaire for the forum today. What a joy it is to work along side my girl. We read chapter one of Teddy's Button together making side notes of the treasures to glean from it.

We decided to give study tools for children to look of things.
  1. 1st mom and dad: Ask your parents what they think. When you have a problem, they are the ones to go to. When you need help thinking about things, they can be a great resource for wisdom.
  2. With your parents permission you can use They have a great word search program that can help you find verses.
  3. Resource books your family already has. Books like Proverbs for Parenting or Instruction in Righteousness provide a word topic that provides verses for that topic.
  4. Using your concordance in the back of your bible and cross referencing scripture.

Pray for us as we look to glorify God and bring many into a personal relationship with Jesus. Learning about Him is the first step. Scripture is the best way to see God is true and a trustworthy Savior.

Teddy's Button
shows us what God desires us to be in Him. It is best to set our hearts and habits on pleasing God when we are young. Teddy's Button reminds us to hang our banner of love over our enemies.

We pray our endeavor will give others a chance to search the scriptures and see the wonder of God's wisdom.

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