Saturday, March 20, 2010

Teddy's Button Forum-Chapter 1

Today was the first day of the Christian Kid's Book Club hosted by I had never run a forum before. It works really well. We covered Chapter 1 questions posted on the website. Later this afternoon I will have Chapter 2 questions for next Saturday, March 27th.

I know it was the first day. I heard crickets. No one came until up popped Mercyfor2. The Lord is so good. It was my sweet daughter Emma. She couldn't bare to leave me hanging. She answered all the questions as I posted them.

I smiled the whole time. I loved how she had her little lap top open on the bed. Beside her, the Bible and Proverbs for Parenting laid open. The sound of pages turning filled the silence while I waited for her response. Such a blessing to see her seeking, learning and loving the word of God.

Feel free to read our experience this morning at

I especially liked question #4.

We will meet next week for Chapter 2 questions. You will need to sign up on our ad free forum to participate next week.



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