Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hedge of Thorns at the Park

Southern California is going to have abundant rain for the next week, so I asked everyone to come to the park. I decided to bring a picture book called Hedge of Thorns written in 1611 by a man name John Carrol and rewritten by Mary Hamilton. Emma had heard the story years before, but it was little Joanna's first time.

At first Joanna was laying down on the blanket seemingly uninterested. I opened the book and the writer invites the reader to join him on his porch and enjoy his garden. This is when Joanna sat up and peered into the book. The beautiful illustrations kept Joanna anticipating the next page. After we were done reading this valuable story, the author asks us to learn this painful lesson from him to be spared. He says, "never go beyond the boundaries that God has set for you, because you will harm yourself and those you love the most." I explained to the girls how God has parents placed over the children for their safety, guidance, and to love them as Christ loves us (Romans 5:8).

When I was done, the girls ran off to scouter and climb the jungle gym. You wonder, watching them play, if the story had any impact. Time will tell if it was an "ordinary day" or "no ordinary" day at the park.

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