Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christ is Faithful

Dear Ladies,

Do you ever look back at something you did with the kids that worked out really well?  Their little faces lite up when you showed them something about God.  You revealed something about their little hearts and it clicked.  Moments to live for.  Hope to repeat.

Maybe it was the way you taught them about selflessness or having a tender heart towards someone?  Was it the visit to a sick or lonely friend?  Was it the witnessing to the check out lady that started a conversation on the car ride home that you will never forget?

You think to yourself, I have to remember to do that again.  Then the timeline of history ticks by and you forgot all about it.  You forget to keep enjoying more of the same.

I think I forget that I am on assignment from God.  I move along life and forget it is for Him that I live.  I am wrapped up in the busyness of life because I am not looking for opportunities with my kids. I am not actively taking advantage of the God moments I am given.

How can I create moments with my children that I will remember?  That they will remember?

Recently, in a magazine article, there was a picture of this Mason jar with a decorative label that plainly stated the year 2012.  The idea was cute.  You write down on a piece of paper a special memory you had that year and when it happened.  You fold it up and place it in a Mason jar.  The article goes on to bring it out on rainy days, Thanksgiving time and read them to the kids.

That got me thinking.  How many times have I drawn a blank when asked to remember what I am grateful for in the last year, last month, or the last hour? Especially, if I am surrounded by chaos.  Dirty dishes, laundry up to my waist, kids taking each other down in the next room, my reaction in my heart to the kids taking each other down in the next room, the list could go on.

Now, it is all good and wonderful to remember what happened in our family during the year.  My mind just kept thinking about how I wanted to use that jar.  I could record the birthday parties, grandma's visit, or our lost dog was safely returned to us.  I think those are good.

I just keep hearing. . . Good, Better, Best, Never let it rest, until your Good is Better, and your Better is Best!

I want to remember the things done for Christ, by Christ and in Christ.

If I had a jar right now, I could put this in it from just this week:
  • Emma is faithfully reading her Bible in a Year.  Each night that I tuck her in, she is sitting up with her little light above her head, bible on her lap, smile on her face. What a beautiful image to go to bed with in my mind.  I will treasure this nightly sight in my heart.
  • Joanna named her three (.27 cent each) goldfishes. . . Miracle, Faith, and Promise.  When asked why, she simple stated that God produces Miracles in our lives, we need a lot of faith (the biggest fish received this honor), and God always keeps His promises. Precious. .27 fish received this.  This reminded me of the gospel.  I am a .27 cent goldfish swimming in the earthly world, then God gives me a name, believer, child of God.  He gives me a miracle, His son.  Jesus, who is worshiped day and night in Heaven, willing steps off His throne and becomes a sacrifice for sinners (such as I),  and provides a way for me to spend eternity with God.  Now, He looks at me as worthy to display His image, say His name, give Him glory.  
  • I prayed one morning that God would give my husband and I time to pray...Next thing I knew, Bob was asking if I wanted to pray.  I could only praise the Lord for His faithfulness to Himself.  He desires us to be before Him and enjoying Him, trusting Him, and surrendering to Him.
  • Emma played a hymn on the piano today that was so beautiful.  It made me think of the verse. . . make a joyful noise unto the Lord (which made me remember when she was born and upon her first cry, I recited that verse out loud).
I would have to be actively looking to see these things.  Slow down and take in the view.  With the busyness of life, I could have missed it.

I am to be reminded that only what is done for Christ will last.
These things could have easily gone by me especially the one about the goldfish.  I really didn't want another animal in the house. I was kind of dreading the idea.  My wonderful husband cheerfully helped our daughter, Ms. Joanna Doolittle (age 11) spend her birthday money on these goldfish.  Then these fish arrived home in their little airtight bag.  I was not as thrilled but this was all in motion.  You see, if I exercised some patience, God always shows me wonderful things.   Like their names, the conversation and the memory of it all. The goldfish could have been placed in the tank and that would have been all she wrote. Thank you Lord for so much more than that.

I know if I read just a few of these in the future, I will remember God is faithful.  Israel forgot that time and time again.  So do I.  You can even teach this to your children.  Help them see what God is doing in them and with those around them.  We know gratitude(Thanksgiving) and trust are two super nature things.  They don't just happen.  God makes them happen in hearts surrendered to Him. He gives us eyes to see and ears to hear.   Let us walk in His promises. Proverb 3:5-6, Colossians 3:15-16, Philippians 4:4-7.  We can believe His promises!

Now, where is an empty Mason jar?

"Hey children, someone make a label!  'Christ is Faithful'"


  1. AMEN Sister!!!! What a great reminder! Love it!

  2. Thanks Kim. i just signed up to your blog and your friend "New Yorker for Jesus" so I can be praying for that sweet baby. If anyone can be her advocate for her it is Jesus. Your friend is faithfully speaking for Him. I thank Jesus for you in my life.